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mioedge: the platform for enterprise application developers.

create applications that turn data into meaning.

MIOedge is a data-centric application platform for delivering applications that adapt to your business needs.

Use MIOedge to deliver business value in the cloud through business continuity, customer self-service, marketing campaigns, and object-oriented analytics applications—all data-driven.

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enterprises like china unicom use mioedge.

One of the world's largest telcos chose MIOedge for business continuity. China Unicom's MIOedge application backs up all data and allows for the most critical 70% of business functionality to take place in the event of a disaster or downtime—and it was in production in just 8 weeks.

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no data risk no tradeoffs for petabyte scale
designed for hybrid no sla gaps
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focused projects without data risk
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MIOedge is data-centric, meaning your application is aware of and reflects your existing systems, so you can focus on delivering business value.
no tradeoffs for petabyte scale
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MIOedge has been proven with over 10 years in production with mission-critical enterprise applications. Your application can grow or shrink as needed, to petabytes and beyond, safeguarded by MIOedge's relentless consistency checking and transaction safety features.
designed with hybrid in mind
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MIOedge can use any kind of cloud your business demands. From the ground up, MIOedge supports public, virtual private, and on-premise private clouds. You can easily move your complete application between clouds, and intelligently switch over settings and connections to reflect the new environment. You can even share resources between clouds for a single app.
no sla gaps
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A platform should never offload support for its key components onto your business—yet many do, requiring your IT team to support the connections between the platform's components and services. With MIOedge, we guarantee and support that the platform works as a whole and is available to you, your customers, and your business.
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distinct features
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erest: enterprise rest services
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continuous data integration
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a single, unified object model
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