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SnapCloud is a free back-end data storage and account service in the cloud for projects that use Snap and its mirrors, derivatives, and related projects.

Projects that use the SnapCloud can provide important services for their userbase—like user accounts, password recovery, and cloud-based account storage—without having to invest in building those services themselves.

SnapCloud is provided by MIOsoft Corporation to promote engagement in computer science and technology worldwide.

Visit the Snap! homepage
Since its debut in 2009, BJC has been:
  • Taught at UC Berkeley
  • Offered as an EDx course
  • Approved as a curriculum for AP CS Principles
  • Endorsed by code.org
  • The history of Snap is closely intertwined with that of the Beauty and Joy of Computing. Snap is a block-based programming language, derived from MIT’s Scratch; Beauty and Joy of Computing is an introductory computer science curriculum, aimed at students who are underserved by existing curricula.

    Jens Mönig, Snap’s developer, has worked closely with BJC founders Brian Harvey and Dan Garcia to build Snap into a language that both contains powerful advanced programming concepts and is accessible to beginning computer science students.

    Read more about the history of Snap in this post on the MIOsoft blog.

    An initiative to introduce BJC in New York City public schools got underway beginning with the 2015-2016 school year, while a partnership with AdvanceKentucky to bring BJC to Kentucky high schools was announced in February 2016.

    BJC’s increasing use in schools means that more and more students are using the SnapCloud. At MIOsoft, we’re pleased to be able to support K-12 computer science education via the SnapCloud.

    Visit the GitHub repository for Snap here: https://github.com/jmoenig/Snap--Build-Your-Own-Blocks


    Projects hosted on the SnapCloud have their own privacy policies. To set up a SnapCloud account, MIOsoft requires only a username and email address.

    MIOsoft collects some information about SnapCloud usage: the time and date of an update to a SnapCloud project, and the IP address that the update originated from.

    The SnapCloud offers users the option to save their projects locally and the option to build projects that are discarded on exit and not saved. MIOsoft does not record any information about updates to projects that are saved locally or that are not saved at all.

    Apply for SnapCloud

    In general, MIOsoft aims to support projects that use Snap or a derivative of Snap and are available for free. We’re also especially interested in projects that make computer science or new technology (like the IoT or 3D printing) available and engaging to new or underserved users.

    If you think your project is a fit for our goals with SnapCloud, you can apply for free SnapCloud access by sending an email to: switchboard@miosoft.com






    0-1,000 users
    1,001-5,000 users
    5,001-10,000 users
    10,001-50,000 users
    50,001-250,000 users
    more than 250,000 users
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