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Connect the dots to get a complete picture of your customer and your business.

Customer 360 is the inevitable future of customer interaction and service.

As the amount of data you have about your customers grows, your customers will begin to demand that you serve them individually, responsively, and even proactively. They know you have their data, and they’ll expect you to be using it to meet their needs and minimize their efforts in interacting with your business.


Customer 360 isn’t CRM. It’s not MDM. It’s a deep understanding of your customers based on timely, ever-changing data from every data source you have.

  • When you text a customer that you’re aware of an outage in their area and are working on it before they have to call you...
  • When you send personalized bonus offer to a high-value customer who has recently started leaving the "Angry" reaction on your Facebook posts...
  • When you understand that you need to go above and beyond for one particular customer because their beneficiaries are also valuable customers...

That’s when Customer 360 delivers value for your business and your customer.

To get Customer 360, you must:

  • Unify your systems.
  • Discover data fragments that describe the same customer.
  • Enrich your customer data.
  • Incorporate your organization's historical data.
  • Embrace the "big data" aspects of the project.
  • Build trustworthy data.
  • And more.

With MIOsoft Customer 360, unify your data.


Customer 360 isn't data quality, MDM, CRM, or an application, but making use of it can involve all those things. But your Customer 360 solution shouldn't need a new component for each thing you integrate—it should be mitigating the effects of having multiple systems, not making them worse.

MIOsoft software has a customer-focused feature set which can help you achieve high-quality data, implement MDM, use machine learning for entity resolution, push the results to your other systems, and more.

With a MIOsoft solution, you'll have the freedom to go wherever your data takes you.


With MIOsoft's Customer 360, including machine learning, you're big-data-ready.


Customer 360 means making use of all your existing data, and all the data you'll have in the future. That means that your Customer 360 project is also a big data project.

MIOsoft software delivers high-performance big data readiness. If you have massive data right away, your MIOsoft software is ready. If your data will grow over the coming years, your MIOsoft solution can grow alongside it.

When you use MIOsoft for Customer 360, you can be confident that your solution will handle whatever data you have… and whatever data you find along the way.


With MIOsoft Customer 360, get results in real time.


Customer 360 can't deliver value if it lags behind the speed of life. A customer who updates their address online then is asked to confirm an old address when they call a day later is an upset customer.

MIOsoft software delivers the real-time results you need to meet your customer expectations.

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In this free report, you'll learn 8 essential things about Customer 360 that will help you evaluate vendors and solutions.


At MIOsoft, we measure success by how much our customers succeed. Period.

Customers drive the development of our technology. That's why our software is head and shoulders above the rest: we did things the way that would maximize customer benefit, not the way that was easiest for us. When it became clear that "the way things are done" wasn't producing the results our customers needed, we cleared our own road.

The results speak for themselves. All the way back to our founding in 1998, our customers have implemented successful big data projects that empowered them to get better business results.

When you choose MIOsoft, you're joining eighteen years' worth of satisfied customers and bringing top-flight technology to your data.

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