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Big data & IoT at work in the community

Erin Kapp

There’s a tendency, in conversations about big data and IoT, to only talk about examples from the extreme upper echelons: the biggest corporations with the largest amounts of data from the most sensors. In the excitement, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that most organizations aren’t multinational megacorps with petabytes of data. Most organizations operate at a much smaller scale: their reach is national or regional.

And many of these organizations use big data and the IoT to provide products and services that can actively improve the quality of life in their communities. So even though they’re still growing, they can have effects on individuals that are far more significant than a perfectly-timed personalized coupon.

It’s important to recognize that it’s often through these organizations that people have concrete experiences with the benefits of big data and the IoT in their day-to-day life. Here’s a brief introduction to some of MIOsoft’s work with partner organizations and how community members benefit.

MIOsoft & Branch2

Branch2 is a Madison-based company whose mission is to connect communities to evidence-based apps that enhance healthy minds and well-being.

Their cloud-based application PsychDashboard, hosted on MIOedge, gives behavioral health providers a HIPAA-compliant way to administer patient screenings online, integrate significant events into the results, and view a complete timeline. When providers have a comprehensive picture of a patient’s treatment progress, patients can receive more effective care.

MIOsoft & McDonnell Property Analytics

McDonnell Property Analytics was founded by Marie McDonnell in Brewster, MA, and provides title and securitization forensic reports and expert services. Translation? McDonnell helps consumers who have been victims of mortgage fraud and predatory lending.

MIOsoft and McDonnell are working together to develop The Toxicity Test, a web-based tool that will let consumers analyze their mortgages to determine if their mortgage is valid and sustainable. And if red flags indicating predatory lending, bait-and-switch, or Truth In Lending violations appear, the Toxicity Test will suggest next steps to get help.

MIOsoft & Clean Lakes Alliance

The Clean Lakes Alliance (CLA) works to improve the water quality of the Yahara River watershed, which includes Madison and its famous lakes. One of CLA’s initiatives is a citizen water quality monitoring program, started in 2013.

LakeForecast, CLA’s MIOedge-hosted web app, allows the citizen monitors to log observations from Madison beaches. Starting this year, members of the Madison community will be able to see information about the beaches so they can make an informed decision about which one will be most enjoyable to visit.

MIOsoft & Quietyme

Quietyme is a Madison-based IoT company that uses sensors and Barrage, MIOsoft’s sensor data analytics service, to improve the noise environment of hospitals and hotels.

Barrage lets Quietyme identify patterns for different types of noise—including ongoing alarms, human speech, and single crashes—so that alerts can be prioritized and directed appropriately. For hotel guests, a quieter stay is a more enjoyable stay. And for hospital patients, a quieter stay is not just more comfortable, but can lead to improved health outcomes.

MIOsoft & you?

We know there are a lot of people out there with great ideas for using sensors, either in a new startup or to reimagine an existing business. But because much of the IoT space is still fixated on the as big as possible scale, it can be challenging to find an affordable way to store and analyze sensor data if you’re not at that stage yet.

That’s why in Barrage, storage for a million events only costs $.40 (not a typo: that’s forty cents). And that includes all features, including an instant dashboard, APIs, and access to Barrage’s advanced pattern recognition language.