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MIOsoft breaks into the literature space

Erin Kapp

We’re embarking on a new project today: MIOsoft’s first book!

Other companies usually focus on working professionals as their target audience, but we’re so confident our technology will come out on top that we decided to go off the beaten path and appeal directly to the next generation. Today’s third-graders are tomorrow’s database administrators, and we want them to be prepared for the context-based technology landscape of 2035.

Our new illustrated book, Fail Paleontologist: A Context Tale, With Dinosaurs, will feature the paleontologist characters from our famous Data First blog post series:

Fail Paleontologist Jack uses such bad practices that he can’t discover new dinosaurs or accomplish anything, so Sophia, an experienced paleontologist, is sent to get his lab into shape. As Sophia puts scientific practices in place, readers will learn how good paleontology can be used to explain principles of context.

Featuring dinosaurs, Fail Paleontologist: A Context Tale, With Dinosaurs is sure to appeal to children and serve as an enjoyable introduction to the world of context.

Here’s a sneak peek of our cover in progress:

MIOsoft April Fools cover large

Fail Paleontologist: A Context Tale, With Dinosaurs will be available on June 31, 2015.

Update: Hope you enjoyed our April Fools' Day post!