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MIOsoft Marks 20 Years of Delivering Leading Data Quality

Cutting-edge data quality software & services provider celebrates global growth; Announces next major release is slated for 2018.

Madison, Wis. (31 Jan 2018)--MIOsoft Corporation, a leading provider of cutting-edge data quality software and services, is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2018. From its roots as a brand-new company working with a single customer, MIOsoft has grown to become a global organization with employees and customers worldwide.

As part of its 20th anniversary celebrations, MIOsoft is formally announcing that the next major version of its software will be released in mid-2018. MIOsoft's software, MIOvantage, provides unified capabilities for solving data challenges, particularly in data quality.

In the upcoming MIOvantage 14.0 release, changes MIOsoft is highlighting include:

  • Updates to deliver improved user experience
  • Flexibility enhancements for additional customer-defined control of MIOvantage behavior
  • Significant performance and scalability upgrades, particularly in the massive-scale deployments used for real-time operations on streaming data

MIOsoft has been guided by practical, customer-driven problem-solving throughout its history, which extends to the development of MIOvantage 14.0. According to Bert Barabas, MIOsoft's co-founder and chief technology officer, this positions MIOvantage uniquely among data quality tools.

"We've made a point of staying connected with our customers long after the initial sale and implementation, so we can get very detailed feedback about what their needs are," said Barabas. "It's impossible for developers to imagine that kind of insight in isolation."

As a result, MIOvantage approaches data quality differently than other vendors' offerings do.

"It's much more powerful to start at ground level and create quality that percolates up and can be leveraged to deliver both trusted business insights and enforce compliance," said Barabas. "Far beyond just validating individual fields, this makes data quality into a tool that can benefit the whole business."

Although MIOvantage 14.0 will represent a significant evolution in MIOsoft's software, MIOsoft—which has been granted 13 patents to date on its technology—doesn't plan to stop there.

"I'm looking forward to another 20 years of constantly improving our power and capabilities," said Barabas. "There's always a way to make it easier to do things, or a way to handle more complex scenarios, and we are excited to discover what those are."

About MIOsoft Corporation

MIOsoft provides industry-leading software and services for companies that need to trust their data.

A deep commitment to customer success guides MIOsoft in providing real, practical solutions to the full range of data problems facing enterprises today. Companies worldwide have relied on MIOsoft to overcome the obstacles keeping them from making the most of their data.

Founded in 1998, MIOsoft has a global presence through MIOsoft Corporation (North America), MIOsoft Deutschland GmbH (Europe), and MIOsoft (Beijing) Corporation (Asia-Pacific).

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